{ "#title": "WDR", "subtitle": "Web Data Render", "name": "WDR", "menu": "[Home](/) [Get Started](/start.html) [Updates](/updates.html)", "what": { "title" : "What is WDR?", "description": [ "This website is a valid **[JSON](//www.json.org/)**!", "Check the source code. Instead of the habitual HTML and CSS, you will see just a plain JSON with the website's information.", "WDR is a format to separate the website's **information** and **design**.", "The website is readily available to be consumed outside the browser via JSON, but also still presentable to users accessing through the web browser." ] }, "subscribe": "I'm creating a **blog platform** using this concept. Follow me on [Twitter](//twitter.com/gpiresnt) to be notified when it's ready! ✨", "how": { "title": "How it works", "description": [ "It works by embedding a small initiator at the end of the JSON file.", "For example, this is a valid JSON and web page:", "```{\n \"title\": \"Example Page\",\n \"description\": \"This is an example.\",\n \"#render\": \"<html hidden><script src=/render.js></script></html>\"\n}```", "The script `render.js` receives the JSON as input and is responsible to render the page." ] }, "hyperdata": { "title": "Hyperdata ⚡️", "description": [ "Get information from any WDR website easily with Hyperdata:", "``` The future \\{{ [https://webdatarender.com/posts/hyperdata.html] #future }}```", "Which will output", { "capture": "The future {{ [https://webdatarender.com/posts/hyperdata.html] #future }}" }, "[Know more →](/posts/hyperdata.html)" ] }, "usage": { "title": "Usage", "description": [ "Follow the [Get Started](/start.html) guide to learn how to use WDR." ] }, "examples": { "title": "Some examples", "description": [ "This very website!", "[Evaluatly](https://evaluatly.com)" ] }, "main-updates": { "title": "Highlight Updates", "items": [ "[Hyperdata](/posts/hyperdata.html) • _14 Dec 2020_ **new**", "[Introducing Web Data Render (WDR)](https://webdatarender.com) • _09 Dec 2020_" ], "more": "[All updates →](/updates.html)" }, "support": { "title": "Need Help? 👋", "description": "If you need help, have any feedback, or just want to say hi, send me an [email](mailto:gpiresnt@gmail.com)." }, "about": { "creator": "Created by [@gpiresnt](//twitter.com/gpiresnt)", "logo": "![logo](/img/logo.png)" }, "#render": { "_": "", "css": "/css/main.css" } }